Monday, August 13, 2018



I was a student in the sixties; that was before the era of computer technology and the internet.  "Cool" at that time, meant going to art school , so I embarked upon an artistic journey at the age of seventeen, one which was punctuated by many abrupt starts and stops.  As a matter of fact, I left art school a couple of years later and went on to experiment with a number of jobs and careers.  Today, having retired from a career of teaching,  I am proud to have recently completed a bachelor of  fine arts at Concordia University, Montreal, and to enjoy many hours of painting and reading on art on a daily basis. 
This blog is new and its creation is an ongoing adventure, hopefully a productive learning experience.  I plan to post some of my paintings on this blog since many artists and professionals have asked me to display my artwork online for reference. 
There are still many unwritten pages which must be filled in the coming months. Thanks for referring to my blog.
Josette Wecsu,
B.A Psychology, Concordia University 
B.F.A. Studio Arts, Concordia University (2018)

                                                           1968 Self-portrait (unfinished)
                                                        l"Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Montreal

                                               2018 Self-portrait
                                                Concordia University, Fine Arts.